Civil Funerals

Today, many people are finding that religion is becoming less important in their daily lives and they are seeking alternatives – not everybody wants a traditional religious funeral service.

Some people believe that you must have an ordained minister to conduct a funeral, but in society today not everyone holds religious beliefs. As our ceremony will be based around the values, beliefs and wishes of the deceased and their family, rather than those of the minister or a faith, it may or may not include a religious or spiritual element.

A civil funeral gives you the choice and freedom over every aspect of the service; from the words that are spoken, to the music that’s played.  It can be totally non-religious or you can include a special poem, prayer, hymn or reading if you feel it would be fitting. This is entirely for you to decide.

For a civil funeral there are no set rules about the service. It is individual for you and special for the person you have lost. As long as you feel you’re doing the right thing, to grieve in a way that’s appropriate for you, to remember and honour the deceased.

A civil funeral service reflects the person, not the religion.